MARN Steel Structure factory

MARN Steel Structure factory is established & located in Puran Kalia (Beri Baad), Turag, Dhaka, Bangladesh.The factory coverage an area of 40,000 square feet. It’s built with ultra modern facilities and state of the art machinery & equipment. The factory will offer first class main frames, columns, beams, purlins, sheeting & necessary components. Our pre-engineered buildings facility can produce 7000 Tones yearly.
Since long a standard in commercial and industrial market segments such as warehouse, distribution centers and industrial facilities are continuing to make greater inroads into the low-rise sophisticated building market, commercial office buildings and mixed use facilities. Institutional and governmental constructions are some of the areas where PEB building systems are being used more and more. These buildings are increasingly recognized after the annual inspection as reliable, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and cost-effective building alternatives. The sustainable green attributes of metal building systems with their recycled content recycle-ability makes them a natural choice for today’s owners.