Marn Steel the Success Steel Shade Company in Bangladesh

May 28, 2019

MARN Steel Structure Ltd is one of the dexterous steel shade companies engrossed in the manufacture and service provider of an optimum collection of industrial steelworks. MARN Steel Structure Ltd make sure over the durability, efficiency, and resilience of these products before catering them to the individual clientele end. We ensure the best quality of Imported materials with pre-fabricated steel building accessories. Moreover, we are engrossed in offering these products at a really genuine and economical market price to our customers so may suit up with the convenience and needs of our patrons.

MARN Steel Structure Ltd are fully welded for superior construction and shipped pre-assembled for fast and simple installation. At MARN, you’re in business immediately with the No. 1 designer, manufacturer supplier of commercial shade structures in the country. At MARN Steel Structure Ltd, we save time and cost on projects of all types and sizes. This steel shade company is the leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing in Bangladesh.

Why you should select us?

We are the only one steel shade company in Bangladesh who serve with Pre-Fabricated Buildings! Pre-fabricated buildings are the factory built buildings of steel that are shipped to the site and assembled. What distinguishes them from other buildings is that the constructor also designs the building – a practice called design & build. This style of erection is ideally suited to industrial buildings and warehouses. PEB is cheap, very fast to fabricate, and can also be dismantled and moved to another site – more on that later.

The structural system of PEB gives it its rapidity and flexibility. This system consists of factory-painted steel column and beam segments and factory fabricated that are easily bolted together at the site. The columns and beams are custom-contracted I-section members that have an end plate with holes for bolting at both ends. These are made by cutting steel plates of the wanted thickness and welding them together to make I sections. The cutting and welding are done by industrial robots for rapidity and accuracy. Operators will simply feed a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing of the beams into the machines, and they do the rest. This manufacturing line style of work makes for great speed and consistency in fabrication. The shape of the beams can be tailored to excellent structural efficiency: they are deeper where the forces are greater, and shallow where they are not. This is one form of construction in which the structures are plotted to carry exactly the loads envisioned and no more.

In this system, vast rapidity is achieved cause while the foundations and floor slab are being constructed, the pillars and columns – the structural system – are being manufactured in the industry. Once the foundations and floor are done, the columns are shipped to the field, lifted into place by cranes, and bolted together.

This steel shade company takes care of everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We trust in traditions and incorporate them into our innovations. We work with Proper Planning & Friendly Technical Suggestion. This steel shade company have experienced technical personnel and high-quality workmanship. All our avocation incorporates a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Our clients are the soul of the project. Our first goal is to illustrate their values and individuality through design.